Founder, Managing Partner


“I like your energy and how you challenge everything, I have learned a lot from you”

Alexander Torrenegra, CEO of Torre, Co-Founder of Bunny Inc.

“It is better to do it with a style, precision and highest quality, or not do it at all“

Mev-Rael is certified Product Manager from Silicon Valley’s Product School, a digital nomad based between London and the rest of the world, Digital Product Leader with over a decade of experience in digital field, exclusively Software Engineering and Architecture, Product Management and Design, as well as Startups, Business Development, Closing and Marketing across variety of verticals from eCommerce, marketplaces till AI and fashion.

Mev-Rael worked with global influencers like Dan Lok and Dan Martell and with startups across the world including Silicon Valley, UK, EU and Hong Kong.